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So you want to get results like these guys…

crossfit competitor

Ross Denmark - After his First CrossFit competition March 2022

online coaching

Natasha Roberts - After running the Great Manchester 10k Run in PB time

1-1 Transformations-2.png
1-1 Transformations-3.png
1-1 Transformations.png
wedding transformation

Tom Dennis - Prior to his Wedding Summer 2022

body shape

Chelsea Spicer - Prior to her Wedding June 2022


Book Your 1-1 Coaching Call Here


For male 1-1 

coaching with Alex


For female 1-1 coaching with Sarah

Did you know it's possible to…

Have a lean, sculpted physique with your abs on show, a chiselled torso, jacked arms, sweeping quads, rock solid glutes…

Hit PB’s on deadlifts, squats, bench and olympic lifts. 

Run your fastest ever 5k, 10k, or half marathon. 

Smash the spiciest MetCons like an absolute machine.

Back up how good you look with how you can perform and push yourself.

And effortlessly follow a routine that allows you to feel your best and operate at your full potential every single day.

While enjoying the good things in life like beers, burgers, pic n mix at the cinema (more on that later), nights out at amazing restaurants, city breaks with your partner…

WITHOUT feeling guilty or like you’re setting yourself back in the pursuit of your goals.

All while (now brace yourself because this is going to sound mental)...


Having fun and not taking things too seriously?

Despite what you see on social media it’s possible to hit PB’s & get in ridiculous shape without living like a Navy SEAL/Spartan/Monk hybrid.


'Ive seen my body drastically change due to the planning and thought put into my workout and nutrition plans, while being mindful of challenges I may face. I would recommend the EMA to anyone who wants to improve their fitness and have fun while doing so"

Jack Keeling

Now, you just got hit with some bold claims.


And you’re probably more than a little sceptical right now.


You might think all this sounds too good to be true.


Or that you need to train like a full time Crossfit athlete so you can burn off all the beers, burger, and pic n mix.


Which is understandable.


And if you give us less than 3 minutes of your time right now we’ll show you how you can “have it all” without having to change every single aspect of your current lifestyle.


But first, we need to get a few things out in the open…

The very fact you’re on this page is proof you’re not happy about something


Maybe you’re out of shape by your standards, carrying more body fat than you’re comfortable with, and your solo attempts at dieting have all ended in disappointment with you looking the same and feeling worse.


You could be stuck in a seemingly never ending plateau with your training, you feel pathetically weak, you can’t even slide a sneaky little 1..25kg onto the bar, and even your best hype song combined with a double scoop of pre workout isn’t delivering the PB’s you’re looking for.


Maybe you’ve committed to a competition or event and have the fear about embarrassing yourself when it’s time to perform because you know you're miles away from where you need to be and you’ve not got the first clue about where to begin with your training, nutrition, recovery, etc.


Whatever your reasons are for being here, you need to know you’re in the right place to turn things around.


Just like you discovered earlier, you CAN have it all.


And in just a moment you’ll discover how you can make this happen.


But first, let’s get some introductions on the go…


Hi there.


My name’s Alex Dick-Cleland, I’m a coach, co-founder of Every Move Academy and lifelong Manchester United fan.


I used to be an accountant but when I started using spreadsheets to create training programs instead of profit and loss reports I knew it was time to pack in my corporate career.


My early lifting days followed the same path as 99% of guys…


I trained and ate like a bodybuilder so I could look like the guys on the cover of Men’s Health.


And it was miserable.


Bro-split workouts, no carbs, plain chicken and broccoli, and spending half my wages on supplements just wasn't doing it for me.


Luckily I had a sporting background so I gradually worked in more performance style workouts into my programming.


Learning how to get strong, jacked, lean, and fit while leading a lifestyle which was the first step in becoming a coach who could show clients how to do the same.


And I now run Every Move Academy with my girlfriend Sarah where we get our clients strong, jacked, fitter than they’ve ever been AND living a lifestyle that includes socialising, eating delicious food, and forming habits that make them feel at their best every single day.


Speaking of Sarah, here she is…

Image 4.jpg



I’m Sarah Lees, I’m a coach, co-founder of Every Move Academy, and pic n mix connoisseur (VUE cinemas have the best pic n mix you will find and it’s not even close).


Before I became a coach I was working in banking and going to the gym to try and “get skinny” by doing a tour of the cardio machines every workout.


So I started out the same way 99% of girls do when they first go to the gym.


I was terrified of lifting weights because I didn’t want to be bulky, look manly, or spend a single second in the free weights area.


I avoided carbs, ate “clean” and tried all kinds of crazy diets to try and get a “bikini body”.


But over time my mindset and attitude changed and eventually I started to focus exclusively on functional training where all my goals and intentions are now towards being stronger, moving better, being more efficient and trying new things.


I’m telling you this so you know I’ve walked the walk.


I know about the insecurity, uncertainty, confusion, pressure, and toxic self-talk you experience when you’re trying to change your body, lifestyle, and mindset.


And it’s this experience that’s helped shape my coaching style so I can help women who were once where I was get to a much better place.


As well as showing them how to crush PB’s, master new movements, build an unstoppable engine, and get after some meaty Metcons.


Oh, you should also meet Bruno…


He’s the most jacked member of our household (me and Alex are not jealous at all).



Hopefully you feel like you know us a bit better now?

Coaching isn’t just about getting a training program, a meal plan, and messages on a Monday morning telling you to “smash it” or sharing some cliche motivational quote.


It’s about working together as a team to get you the results you want as quickly as possible while laying unshakable foundations of habits and routines which lock in your results for life.


At least that’s how we see it.


Not everyone else does and we know there’s a chance you’ve been let down before when you’ve invested in a coach or a program.


Or maybe you’re unsure about how online coaching actually works and as much as you’re impressed by the results you’ve seen from our clients you’re still looking for more information.


And then there’s the question everyone knows is there but no one wants to talk about…


“How much does it cost?”.


So, this is how we see this working…


And this is going to sound a little crazy when you first hear it so brace yourself…


We have a conversation on the phone.


Take a second to let that sink in.


You ready to continue?




All jokes aside, if you’re at the point where you’d like to know more about how our online coaching would help you achieve your goals and get the kind of results you’ve seen us share today then hit the link below that applies to you.


You’re not going to be on the receiving end of a sales pitch or feel pressured into signing up to anything you’re not ready for.


We’ll keep the conversation focused on you, your goals, your current challenges and how you can solve them.


And if you want to know more about how our online coaching works we’ll tell you… if you ask us.


So go ahead and book your call today.

Screenshot 2022-07-07 at 14.28.18.png

Book Your 1-1 Coaching Call Here


For male 1-1 

coaching with Alex


For female 1-1 coaching with Sarah

Talk soon?

Alex & Sarah


What's included?

  • Personalised training program

  • 1-1 goal setting

  • Weekly Check Ins

  • Video feedback and form reviews

  • Movement quality & mobility coaching

  • Coaching modules &  full exercise video library

  • Personal Calorie and Macronutrient Targets

  • Macronutrient Coaching

  • Nutritional Guides and Recipe eBooks

  • Example Meal Plans

  • 1-1 Food Diary Analysis and Support

  • Body Measurements & Progress Photo Recording

  • APP Access/ full workout plan recording

  • Overall Lifestyle Targets

  • Private community Group

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