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About Us

The Every Move Academy is an online functional fitness academy enabling you to unlock your athletic potential.


Inside the EMA you will live a lifestyle where you train hard, eat well and build an athletic physique you are proud of.


Our client's live a lifestyle where...

They exercise to look and feel good but don't stress about burning calories.


They eat enough protein and veggies but don't feel guilty for enjoying a pizza or chocolate.


They strive to be fit for purpose and perform to the best of their ability.

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Meet The Founders

Who we are..

What we do..

Who we work with..

Over 80% of people who lose body fat on their own


Do not maintain it for longer than 12 months.


On average more than half of those people regain their weight within 2 years because of the lack of knowledge of how to sustain it.

We all love eating out, having a drink on the weekend, and living a sociable life..


But struggle to find a healthy balance when trying to lose body fat.

A 1 hour personal training session in a gym might sound like the solution to fat loss and a healthy lifestyle, but in reality, it is the other 23 hours of the day that matter the most.

We have created an online fitness platform to educate people all around the world, so they have the tools they need to manage their own fat loss and performance goals long term.

Every Move Academy, is lead by coaches, Alex and Sarah.


 Who specialise in helping people lose body fat, build muscle, train for sports events and feel and look their best.​

We are looking for clients who want to transform their body because it benefits their health..


Clients who want to feel confident on holiday


Clients who want to look their best on their wedding day


Clients who are training for a marathon or sports event


We show clients how to TRAIN HARD, EAT WELL and be ATHLETIC. 

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