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I’m Sarah Lees, I’m a coach, co-founder of Every Move Academy, and pic n mix connoisseur (Odeon cinemas have the best pic n mix you will find and it’s not even close).

My Story

Before I became a coach I was working in banking and going to the gym to try and “get skinny” by doing a tour of the cardio machines every workout.


So I started out the same way 99% of girls do when they first go to the gym.


I was terrified of lifting weights because I didn’t want to be bulky, look manly, or spend a single second in the free weights area.


I avoided carbs, ate “clean” and tried all kinds of crazy diets to try and get a “bikini body”.


But over time my mindset and attitude changed and eventually I started to focus exclusively on functional training where all my goals and intentions are now towards being stronger, moving better, being more efficient and trying new things.


I’m telling you this so you know I’ve walked the walk.


I know about the insecurity, uncertainty, confusion, pressure, and toxic self-talk you experience when you’re trying to change your body, lifestyle, and mindset.


And it’s this experience that’s helped shape my coaching style so I can help women who were once where I was get to a much better place.


As well as showing them how to crush PB’s, master new movements, build an unstoppable engine, and get after some meaty Metcons.


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