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Hi there

My name’s Alex Dick-Cleland, I’m a coach, co-founder of Every Move Academy and lifelong Manchester United fan.

My Story

I used to be an accountant but when I started using spreadsheets to create training programs instead of profit and loss reports I knew it was time to pack in my corporate career.


My early lifting days followed the same path as 99% of guys…


I trained and ate like a bodybuilder so I could look like the guys on the cover of Men’s Health.


And it was miserable.


Bro-split workouts, no carbs, plain chicken and broccoli, and spending half my wages on supplements just wasn't doing it for me.


Luckily I had a sporting background so I gradually worked in more performance style workouts into my programming.


Learning how to get strong, jacked, lean, and fit while leading a lifestyle which was the first step in becoming a coach who could show clients how to do the same.


And I now run Every Move Academy with my fiancé Sarah where we get our clients strong, jacked, fitter than they’ve ever been AND living a lifestyle that includes socialising, eating delicious food, and forming habits that make them feel at their best every single day.


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