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  • Been resistance training consistently for 2 years + but have hit a plateau?

  • Always wanted to get fitter/stronger to enter an event/competition but haven't had the confidence to do it on your own?

  • Started to get bored with your training routine and need a change?

  • Always wanted to PB your deadlift/ squat/bench press, learn a new skill or run a PB 5k or 10k?

EMA Training Pro is specifically designed for individuals who love their training, but they want to be ambitious with their training goals to take it to the next level.


EMA Training Pro is suitable for you if...

✅ You can commit to training 3 + times a week
✅ You are confident with all main strength movements (squat/deadlift/ hip thrust/ bench etc) 
✅ You want to learn how to periodise your training and see true progressive overload
✅ You have goals for your training (strength/ fitness/ event specific)
✅ Aspire to enter your first running event or functional fitness competition 

It is NOT suitable for you if...

❌ You only care for the aesthetic goal are not interested in lifting heavier / running faster
❌ You are in it for a quick fix and are not willing to commit to your goal 
❌ You don't care about moving well and performing to a high quality
So what's included?
  • Individualised progressive workout plan 

  • BI-Weekly check ins with your coach

  • Video feedback and form reviews

  • Movement quality & mobility coaching

  • Video tutorials/ full exercise video library

  • APP Access/ full workout plan recording

  • Education coaching module library

  • Access to our private community

  • Community challenges and prizes

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Male Coaching with Alex


Female Coaching with Sarah



Minimum 2 months sign up

Notice to pause/cancel/change programs = 1 month

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