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Nine to Thrive

A healthy and happy workforce is the foundation of a successful business. 

Team Building


Fitness Challenges


Online Workshop's

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Nine to Thrive is our employee incentive program, specifically designed to inspire and motivate employees to adopt a healthier lifestyle whilst excelling in their career.


Are you looking for:


Employee rewards?

Icebreaker or team building events?

Bonus incentives?


Nine to Thrive is designed so your employee's can learn how to lose body fat, tone up and find the perfect balance with their work, social life and career. 

What's Included?

  • Personal Calorie and Macronutrient Targets

  • Macronutrient Coaching

  • Nutritional Guides and Recipe eBooks

  • Example Meal Plans

  • Weekly Coach Check in's

  • Body Measurements & Progress Photo Recording

  • Easy to follow workout program

  • Team Building and Fitness challenge's

  • Online webinars


  • Lifestyle Targets

  • Private community group

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Clients said:

"Since starting my coaching journey with the EMA, I have thoroughly enjoyed making healthy lifestyle changes for the better! This has included trying new recipes, trying different workouts & having a better mindset! It has helped be more motivated in my career and push myself to achieve new goals. I feel healthy & happier I’m so glad I took the steps to becoming a better me. I recently got a promotion at work and am now Head of Chemistry."

Keelie Hayler (School Teacher)

" Since joining the program I now have a new routine that sets me up for the day. I never thought I would be a morning gym person, but starting my day in the gym, really wakes me up to start the day. Having a sedentary job, this program has made me realise how important it is to still exercise for my physical and mental wellbeing. Working away and anti social hours can be challenging, but the program is flexible and has always worked well for me."

Hannah Wheeldon (Head of Global Cryptography)

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