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It doesn’t make any sense…

You’re training hard every week…


You pick up heavy stuff, grind through painful reps, and push through soul sucking conditioning sessions.


You’re eating the right things…


You track calories and protein, meal prep, and always have low calorie snack options in the cupboards.


You’re ticking the healthy lifestyle boxes…


You hit a minimum of 7.5k steps a day, get to bed at a decent hour, and you don’t go overboard at the weekend…


And yet every time you check for progress…


You’ve not made any.


You look the same.


You’re lifting the same weights.


You don’t feel any fitter.


And you can’t remember the last time you had any kind of win to celebrate.


This is the harsh truth nobody tells you…


It doesn’t matter if you think you’re doing all the right things… If you’re not making progress then something’s clearly missing.


In other words, something needs to change.


Your commitment and effort are being wasted on methods and programs that aren’t delivering results.


And if you keep this up…


You’re going to be in the same place you are right now in 3,6,9 months time despite working hard every week to make progress.


Now, you can avoid this.


In fact, you’ve taken the first step IF you accept the fact something’s clearly missing from your current health and fitness regime (if you’re reading this we’re going to go ahead and assume you do).


Because when something is missing all you have to do is find it.


Once you discover what’s been missing from your training, nutrition, and lifestyle you will finally see results like…


Dropping the 7-13lbs of belly fat your abs were hiding behind that refused to budge despite following strict meal plans and low-carb diets is now gone for good.


Bursting through stubborn training plateaus where you were stuck on the same weight, unable to slide even a 2.5kg plate each side without your technique going to shit are a thing of the past.


Gaining huge boosts in self confidence off the back of your hard work paying off and pushing past old limits you thought would hold you back forever. 


Leaving behind the old, toxic relationships you had with food, exercise, and lifestyle choices so you can finally have the perfect balance between being in shape year round without constantly dodging tasty food or limiting your social life.


And that’s not all, you’ll also be able to…


Look in the mirror and see your leanest, strongest, most capable physique to date that ticks all the performance and aesthetic boxes you care about.


Smash insane PBs on your big lifts, hit spicy Metcons, or play at the top of your game in your sport.


Experience the little known but life changing “transfer effects” of nailing your training, nutrition, and lifestyle in your career, relationships, and personal life

And you can achieve all of this and more within the next 12 weeks.


But don’t just take my word for it….


Look at what these ordinary men and women achieved in less than 12 weeks –

1-1 Transformations-3.png

They were all just like you –


Normal people with average genetics and demanding careers who’d been training for at least 6 months already.


Chasing their tails for months (if not years) looking and feeling the same.


Some couldn’t shift the stubborn 10lbs of fat they were carrying, despite cutting carbs and sticking to a strict healthy diet.


Others were struggling to look the part whilst staying at the top of their game in the sports they played.


Almost none of them could recall the last time they hit a PR in the gym.


And their motivation was at an all-time low meaning they couldn’t stick to a plan for longer than a month without throwing in the towel.


But in less than 12 weeks of working with us?

They were able to melt away body fat whilst enjoying delicious meals and eating out almost every week.


They jump-started their gym performance and made gains like they were newbies again…even those who’d been training for over 10 years already.


And every single one of them skyrocketed their motivation because they KNEW they were equipped with the tools and knowledge to never plateau again.

And right now you have the opportunity to do exactly the same.


…All before the Christmas party season begins.

Enter…The Winter Project

Running from 5th of September to 27th November 2022

This isn’t just a generic workout and diet plan.

This isn’t for complete gym newbies.


And this isn’t any old transformation programme.


The Winter Project is specifically designed to help people like you, who’ve already been working out for a while, escape going round in circles with your exercise and diet without seeing progress so you can –

  • Smash through your training plateaus and hit new PBs in the gym… get that unreal feeling of crushing weights that would have crushed you in the past

  • Torch up to 20lbs of fat eating a diet that includes the foods you love and allows you to enjoy meals out every week

  • Spend less than 5 hours per week in the gym and less than half that on meal prep so your busy lifestyle doesn’t get even busier or more stressful while you’re getting results

  • Rewire your habits so you never stall again and walk away from the programme with the peace of mind that you’ll continue making progress forever.

  • Enter the Christmas period leaner, oozing with confidence and pride because you’ve finally unlocked your potential and know exactly what you need to do to reach it.

  • Oh and if you're Manchester based (or up for travelling), you'll have the opportunity to come along to one of our team training sessions for FREE and get some in person strength coaching from us

We guarantee you’ll love every second of the programme.

Because you don’t have to…


❌ Cut out tasty foods you eat every week… because pasta, chocolate, ice cream, pizza, burgers and Biscoff spread are all on the menu.

❌ Give up booze... Because having a few tipples while socializing and switching off from work mode is good for your mind, body and soul as far as we’re concerned


❌ Workout every single day… you’ll probably end up training way less than you think you have to but get results that go way beyond your expectations.

❌ Put your life on hold or live like a social hermit… because you don’t get to stop being an adult with responsibilities and other shit going on in your life


All you need is –


✅ Access to a gym with free weights and all the basic equipment (no, you don’t need to join a CrossFit Box)

✅ A willingness to try a new approach to training and nutrition.
After all, if you want something you've never had, you must be willing to do something you've never done.


✅ Refusal to accept that how you feel and look now is “as good as it’s going to get” because The Winter Project will help you get stronger, more muscular and more athletic for years to come.


And you can completely flip how you look and feel within just 12 weeks.


Like Alex here –

1-1 Transformations.png

“This is the happiest I’ve been with my body in a long time and genuinely can’t thank Alex and Sarah enough for the coaching and advice they’ve given.


Knowing this is only the beginning and how much progress I’ve made in a small amount of time makes me so excited to see where we can go next!"

Or Lizzie -


“I had trained for over 10 years but had plateaued over the past 12 months and my diet has been all over the place. 


Now I have dropped 4.5kg, hit PBs on all core movements and feel in control of my nutrition.”


Or even Harvey -


The workout plans are so simple to follow and allow me to go out of my comfort zone and try new exercises each month, this has given me the confidence to be able to walk into any gym and smash a workout.


Because of this, my body has transformed into one I am proud of!"

So what’s actually included?

12-Weeks of Online Coaching with Alex or Sarah – You’ll have 1-1 support from one of the EMA coaches through weekly check-ins to guarantee your motivation never wavers throughout the programme.

The WP Training Plan – A gym-based routine mapped out to the letter to help you pack on lean muscle, gain strength and push your athleticism to new levels.


Tailored Nutrition Programme – Your calories and macros are laid out for you and coupled with daily habit targets specific to your lifestyle so all you need to do is stick to those targets and watch the fat melt away.


Do you struggle with meal ideas? Don’t worry because the moment you sign up you’ll unlock the…

EMA’s Happy Healthy Recipes – Over 80 healthy and delicious recipes from triple chocolate breakfast muffins to chicken fajita pasta. Not to mention… 


The Forever Fit Hub – A library of educational videos covering everything you need to know about nutrition, exercise and living a healthy lifestyle so you can enter the new year armed with the knowledge to protect yourself from ever stalling again.

How exactly does it work?

Step 1: Upon signing up, you’ll be asked to create your profile in our client hub where you’ll immediately get access to our Happy Health Recipes and The Forever Fit Hub.

Step 2: As soon as your profile is complete, you’ll be asked to provide some background info about your health and goals so we can build your custom plan.

Step 3: A few days before we get started, we’ll deliver you all the info for your training and nutrition via our mobile app alongside helpful tips and tricks so you can hit the ground running from day one.

Step 4: You get started on the programme. Asking us any questions along the way and checking in with your coach every week to monitor your progress and ensure you continue seeing results.

Step 5: You spend the next 12 weeks working on yourself, building strength, packing on muscle and burning fat all whilst developing a lifelong positive relationship with food.

Step 6: You finish the programme and enter the Christmas party season as a brand new person. You’ll have a slimmer waist, newfound strength and the peace of mind that you’ll continue seeing progress for years on end.


Hopefully, you’ve realised that The Winter Project is the missing piece to stop you chasing your tail hoping to see the same results as the strongest and most athletic people in your gym.


But you might be wondering how much The Winter Project costs.


Well, let’s not beat around the bush…

The Winter Project Costs Just £2.96 Per Day

To work with Alex or Sarah 1-1 for 12 weeks you’d pay a total of £525.


The Winter Project isn’t even half of that price.


“OK, OK, enough blabbering. Just tell me the cost.”


The Winter Project is a single payment of £249.


Of course, £249 isn’t pocket change…


Especially with the shit storm our economy is going through right now.


And I’m not going to patronise you by comparing this to the price of a Starbucks or your Netflix membership.


You’re an adult who can make your own decisions on how you spend your cash.


So if you decide The Winter Project isn’t worth your hard-earned money, then fair enough.


But let me ask you this…


What’s your time worth to you?


Because if you’re reading this then chances are you’ve already wasted hundreds of hours of your life working out in the gym and not seeing any of the progress you expected.


You’ve sacrificed countless evenings with your friends at restaurants because you were too focused on what you were going to eat rather than enjoying the company around you.


And you’ve spent far too long feeling disappointed every time you look in the mirror because, despite your efforts, you’ve failed to get rid of that stubborn belly fat or to see any definition in your arms.


We can’t give you back that time…


But we CAN make sure you never waste another second chasing your tail.

So you can…

Finally unleash a leaner and fitter version of yourself

1-1 Transformations.png
1-1 Transformations-6.png

While these before and after shots are impressive…


They don’t tell the full story.


The saying “pictures say a thousand words” is wrong in this instance.


Because these photos don’t say how Sophie no longer feels guilty eating her sweet treats.


Or how Raf was able to finally see definition in his legs after years of restrictive diets that forced him to pile back on any weight he’d lose.

Or that Alex is the happiest he’s been with his body in a long time.


And they definitely don’t tell you about Hannah who spent months spinning her wheels chasing a toned figure working a sedentary job but now loves eating healthy and is “thirsty for success!”.

Here’s What Other People Just Like You Had To Say About Working With Us – 

“I’m SO happy to see how much I have grown in confidence. I no longer spend time scrutinising my body or worrying about food but instead enjoy my food and life overall. 

- Emma


I love feeling stronger each week and seeing my weight increase. I walk into the gym looking forward to an exciting and challenging workout each session - No more endless bicep curls or squats, but interesting and diverse workouts. I feel energised at the end of the day, not exhausted.”

– Mima

“Not only did I reach my goal of losing body fat, but I now also have instilled healthy lifestyle habits that I will carry with me moving forward. Sarah was so supportive, without making me feel guilty for wanting to still incorporate treats, trips and socializing into my program.”
– Sophie

“From someone who has tried many restrictive diets and quickly put the weight back on, this has been great - small changes in lifestyle and mentality have resulted in consistent weekly wins towards the bigger goal! 

And have had a good laugh in the process!"
- Raf

If you’ve read this far then you know what The Winter Project is.

You know what the programme involves.


You’ve seen proof that we deliver results.


And now you know the price.


Now it’s over to you to make the choice.


And as much as we haaaate sleazy sales tactics…

You need to act quickly

This isn’t us saying this to pressure you into a decision.


But the fact is, The Winter Project starts on the 5th of September.


So the absolute latest you can sign up is Midnight on Friday 2nd September.


This gives us just enough time to get your programme set up.


And means you’re fully prepared to start on the 5th of September.

And if you try to enter after the deadline? That'll be us 👇



We can’t wait to welcome you to The Winter Project…


And we’re eagerly waiting to help you smash through your plateaus.


So click the button above right now…


And we’ll see you on the inside.


Alex and Sarah




If you’re still with us then maybe you’re ready to pull the trigger and sign up…


Yet there’s a small reason you’re still on the fence…even though you know this programme is going to finally help you break through your training plateaus and get rid of that stubborn fat you’ve been carrying.


So let us answer the most common questions about the program, so you can move forward with confidence today.

Frequently Asked Questions

But won’t I just fall back into my old way after the programme ends?


Nope! The Winter Project isn’t designed to just help you see results during the 12 weeks. Our aim is for you to build habits that make you bulletproof to plateaus and give you back lifelong control over your diet and nutrition.

When does The Winter Project start?


The programme runs from the 5th of September to the 27th of November 2022.


September and October are crazy busy months for me. Should I even bother getting involved?

The crazier the better. Because if you can get stronger and leaner when your schedule is hectic and your social life is thriving then every other time of the year will feel like a breeze.

Plus with the support from your very own EMA coach, we make it easy for you to stay on track whilst enjoying meals out, taking weekend breaks or just having lazy days to yourself.


I scrolled all the way down to the bottom to see the price. How much is The Winter Project?


You sneaky bugger 😉 The price is a single payment of £249, or you can split your payment over 3 amounts of £83.

I train at a regular gym, can I still follow the programme?

Absolutely. As long as you have access to barbells, dumbbells and all the basic gym equipment, you’ll be good to go.


Will I be doing CrossFit?

Not exactly. We will integrate some aspects of CrossFit into your workouts but we’ve ensured that even CrossFit virgins can follow along easily.


Can I do this programme if I don’t have a gym membership?


Unfortunately not. The programme exclusively requires gym equipment. If you’d like to see how else we can help you, click here to find out more about our 1-1 coaching.


I’ve seen a hundred “transformation programmes”. What makes this any different?


Do you mean OTHER than the fact you get to work with us?! 😉


Other programmes are only focused on getting you a crazy before and after picture. After that? They don’t care.


So they have no problem handing you gruelling workouts, excessive cardio and super low calories.


That’s not us.


Do we want you to get an amazing transformation in the 12 weeks? Yes.


But ensuring that you can CONTINUE to make progress for years after working with us is our top priority.


So you don’t regain the weight within a few months after the programme…


And keep making amazing strength gains.


Is this suitable for vegetarians and vegans?




You’ll have complete freedom and control over your food choices and we have a bunch of vegetarian and vegan recipes for your picking.


I’ve never lifted weights before, can The Winter Project help me?


Honestly, no. The programme is only for those who’ve been training for a while and are stuck not being able to make the progress they’d like.


We expect all of our members to have at least some experience lifting weights.


How much time do I need to commit to the programme?


You’ll be spending about 5-8 hours a week training.


You’ll be able to perform your weekly check-ins in as little as 10 minutes.

And you’ll have access to tens of hours of educational videos on nutrition, exercise and lifestyle that you can absorb during the programme.


OK, I’m in! Where do I sign up?


Great to have you. All you have to do is click the button below...


Fill in your details through our secured check out…


And once you’re all signed up we will email you with the next steps to create your profile and get ready to start.


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