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  • Currently training 3-5 times a week but are bored of your routine?

  • Into functional style training and want to get stronger/fitter and learn new skills?  

  • Wanting to improve all your fundamental movement patterns (deadlift/squat/press/ pull-up's) and want to feel fit as well as look fit. 

The EMA Group Performance program is specifically designed for those who are competent in the gym who prioritise being better than yesterday, but want a flexible program to fit their lifestyles.


The Group Performance Program is suitable for you if...

✅ You can commit to training at least 3 times a week
✅ You are confident with all your fundamental movements (squat/deadlift/ overhead press/ bench etc)
✅ You enjoy functional/CrossFit style training
✅ You enjoying a challenge and want to be a part of a functional fitness community

It is NOT suitable for you if...

❌ You are looking for an individualised program (EMA Training Pro & 1-1 Premium is more suitable)
❌ You have injury or gym facility limitations (this program included functional equipment such as ski erg/ rower/ assault bike/ Kettlebells/ etc)
❌ You are looking for a 'booty builder' or 'Bicep's like Arnie' program
So what's included?
  • 5 workouts a week

  • Warm up routines/movement prep's specific to the workout

  • WOD of the week competitions (METCON Wednesday)

  • Weights and gym performance progress tracking 

  • Video tutorials/ full exercise video library

  • APP Access/ full workout plan recording

  • Education coaching module library

  • Access to our private community

  • Community challenges and prizes

  • 7 Day FREE Trial



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