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Are you a Beginner to the gym?

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

If you are someone who’s never stepped foot in the gym before, then look no further.

The likelihood is you need to be looking at a 3 times a week training split.

This is going to look most likely like three full body sessions and therefore the best strategy there is a Monday, Wednesday & Friday approach, with rest days in between.

Firstly look for big compound movements. These will give you the most bang for your buck.

When we say compound, we mean multi joint exercises (exercises were you use more than one muscle group at one given time).

Then focus on some key movement patterns such as squat, hinge, lunge, pushing and pulling (this would be in a horizontal and vertical plane).

Being completely new to the gym it’s advised that you then look at a little bit more towards machine work, than jumping towards free weights.

The beauty about machines is they enables you to stay in safer positions, whilst you build up your body awareness, confidence and a foundation of strength.

Here is an example below:

Full Body Workout A)

Warm Up:

Rower x 2mins

Walk Out To Hip Opener x 10

Toe Touch x 10

Glute Bridge x 10

Reverse Lunge Lunge x 20

Medicine Ball Squat x 15


A) Leg Press 4 x 12 (rest 90s)

B) Lat Pulldown 3 x 10 (rest 60s)

C) Shoulder Press Machine 3 x 10 (rest 60s)

D) Leg Extension 3 x 15 (rest 60s)

E) Preacher Bicep Curl 3 x 15 (rest 60s)


Rowing 5 x 150m (medium pace - rest 90s after each)

Warm up:

You always need to make sure you’re primed and ready to go into your workout.

For example, if we’re going to be starting with a leg press or a very squat dynamic movement pattern that we need to make sure the hips and ankles are warm and your lower body is ready and primed for the session ahead.


We recommend 4 to 5 exercises per session with roughly 45 sets, of a rep ranging between 5 to 15, so you are building good elements of strength and hyper trophy to stimulate muscle adaptation and therefore growth.

We want to think about the bigger exercises first that would require more energy and focus before moving into more isolation work (single muscle group exercises) where we can increase the intensity with higher rep ranges.


Increasing your aerobic capacity is important for heart and lung health. Therefore we recommend finishing your workout with form of conditioning that is going to build up your lung capacity to improve your health and quality of life.

Once you have the structure together, you are well on the way to achieving analysts and athletic physique, and doing everything possible to build a good strength and fitness foundation.

Remember, when starting anything, it’s going to feel pretty new it’s going to feel more difficult in those initial stages. Nobody started anything great. It’s also about always making sure you’re putting 1 foot forward and therefore always moving in the direction that you want. Consistency and dedication will be your best friend, you’re going to have days where you might not feel as motivated as others but it’s important in these moments to remember you why why are you getting up? Why are you doing it and what you’re trying to achieve in order to continually push forward and work towards your goals.

If you need any help in the achieving your fitness goals and also want to speed up the entire process, make sure to check out our coaching options and what our clients have to say and book your free consultation with either Alex or Sarah today .

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