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A fun day of fitness for our Academy members.

On Saturday we got together for our 2nd Team training day of the year.

Our Team Training days are complimentary for all academy members to join and are a great opportunity for them to meet likeminded people.

We make them suitable for all abilities so all academy members get the opportunity to celebrate being fit and healthy... It is an afternoon of strength, conditioning and team workouts.

We are passionate about creating a strong community in the online fitness space.

And love our clients getting together to celebrate feeling fit as well as looking fit!

Our clients TRAIN HARD… EAT WELL.. so they can FEEL ATHLETIC 🔥

They all live a lifestyle where they exercise for enjoyment.. love the social circle it creates.. and the positive mental attitude it gives them.

We do Team Training days, team hikes, functional fitness competitions, days out MONTHLY within our community, all around the U.K.!

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