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Yesterday, six of the Every Move Academy member's took on Turf Games Winter Festival.

4 events across the day testing strength, fitness and team work.

They all smashed it as a team, with lots of personal PB’s across the day, finishing 95th out of 235 teams!

Looking fit… is different to being fit!

Performance goal setting is a HUGE part of our program, and these 6 members have worked hard to feel their fittest and strongest for the event 💪🏼 with some of them having never entered a competition before.

We help our clients set new goals and challenges, to keep them passionate about their fitness journeys.

It is so important for them to be FIT, STRONG & HEALTHY, as well as feel confident in their own skin.

We have created an incredible like-minded community who raise each others standards and inspire each other to win 🏆

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