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Everymove Academy Manchester meet-up

The Everymove Academy team has proved themselves once again at our workout event in Manchester last week.

We had another fantastic event last Sunday 7th April, with clients coming from around the country to join in.

We started a dynamic warm up and moved on into three different rounds to challenge our members as much as possible.

Round one was challenging the team to work up to their one rep max on strict press, deadlift and back squat. We saw some impressive numbers and made plenty of PRs.

group of people in gym
The EMA team post-workout

people in gym warehouse
Alex and Sarah going through the workout

Round two was partner work going one at a time to complete the circuit. Exercise included shuttle runs, farmer carries, TTBs (toe to bar) and dumbbell clean and press.

It was intense to say the least.

The team had to complete it four times and absolutely smashed it.

We finished off with a 15 minute AMRAP in teams of three, which included the rower, wall ball throws and burpees.

The workout increased each set by 10 reps, with some of our members going up to 40 or 50 burpees!

man squatting with barbell
Our clients working up to their 1RM

people on exercise bikes
Warming up on the ergs

There was a positive energy and spirit throughout, with everyone encouraging each other to keep going and do their absolute best.

If you want to know more about how you can be a part of our community, REPLY with the words EMA to find out more. 

This was also an opportunity to introduce our new Success coach, Imogen, to some of our members who helped out on the day.

Imi is going to be working closely with us to help bring the best service possible to our clients.

You will also be hearing from her on our blog and weekly email newsletters.

barbells in a warehouse gym
Everyone worked on their deadlift 1RM

Here are our other upcoming events:

Urban Fitness Retreat :22nd-26th April 

CrossFest: 4th May

Great Manchester Run: 26th May 

Turf Games Summer Festival: 16th June 

Norway Sunset Marathon: 22nd June

We are very excited about the things that we are planning for Everymove Academy and what the future has to bring for our community.

Speak soon,

Alex and Sarah

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