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Have you been training for over 3 years?

If you’re someone who’s been training over three years and you’re looking for a concrete workout plan, look no further.

You want to be training five if not six times per week and that’s gonna look like an upper, lower, two full body workouts and a cardio workout or alternatively a light cardio day with low impact exercises.

The best strategy here is to focus on a lower body bias on a Monday upper body bias on a Tuesday.

Potentially a rest on a Wednesday that’s when you could bring in your like cardio day, Thursday - full body, Friday - cardio Saturday - full body and Sunday - rest.

We can now think of the opportunity of focusing really on those movement patterns that we are striving for i.e., the squat, the lunge, the hinge the vertical push and pull the horizontal push and pull .

But because of our training experience and overall muscle, in strength, we can bring in more full body exercises, even across your upper and lower bias days.

Just because you’ve been training for three years doesn’t mean you try and reinvent the wheel.

You’ve still got to focus on performing good quality compound movements to give you your bang for your buck and develop that overall functional athletic physique.

You may be in a place here, where you want to start Olympic lifting and doing more complex movements, which is only advised if you’re confident in moving well across the other primary movement patterns.

What you also have to consider with Olympic lifting is the level of ability required to execute the exercises with good form and technique.

Therefore, in our warm-ups, we probably need to have more detailed mobility exercises that will warm/lubricate the joints, muscles up and be ready for more complex movements ahead.

For an example of one of your full body sessions, check out the workout below

Full Body Workout A)

Warm Up:

Rower x 2mins

Dorsi Flexion x 8 each side

Gorilla Squat x 10

Gorilla Thoracic Rotation x 10

Low Lunges with rotation x 10

90/90 Hip Rollover x 14

2 Rounds of:

DB Goblet Squat x 8

DB Goble Lunge x 12

DB Pull Through x 10


A) Barbell Front Squat x Build to a heavy 3 rep for the day

(Rest 2 mins)

B) Barbell Power Clean 4 x 2 (build up in weight)

(Rest 2 mins)

C) Chin Ups 3 x 3-8

(Rest 90s)

EMOM x 10mins (5 Rounds)

  1. Box Pike Push Up x 4-8

  2. DB Alternate Snatch x 12

AMRAP x 8 mins (as many rounds as possible)

  1. Assault Bike x 15calories

  2. Barbell Push Press x 6 @40/60kg

  3. Hanging Knee Raise x 10


Heel Elevated Goblet Squat 3 x 12

Copenhagen Plank 3 x 20s (each side)

As you can see here with now, bringing in an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible), and this is going to further tests your aerobic capacity.

We want to combine a good mix of free weighted exercises and bodyweight exercises to achieve that overall athletic physique.

Where we can also start building in more complexities to the aerobic capacity work with minimal rest, more challenging movements, and therefore ways to continually progress.

If you need any help in the achieving your fitness goals and also want to speed up the entire process, make sure to check out our coaching options and what our clients have to say and book your free consultation with either Alex or Sarah today.

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