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How to lose 30lb of body fat..

Meet our client Keelie..

She joined our program earlier this year, feeling:


  • low in self confidence

  • unhappy when she looked at herself in the mirror

  • lost with her own accountability

  • uncertain if she could make changes to her lifestyle


This is Keelie now...

This year, Keelie has:

  • lost over 30lbs of body fat

  • dropped several dress sizes

  • showed up every day regardless of how she was feeling

  • been on several holidays without worrying she was ruining her progress

  • learnt how to eat chocolate every day, and enjoy social weekends, whilst maintaining her progress


I think you will agree, she looks amazing for it

Keelie didn't:

  • need to go on a crash diet❌

  • need to go to the gym 6 times per week❌

  • cut out all her social plans ❌

Keelie focused on:

  • taking responsibility for her actions ✅

  • reaching out for help when she needed it ✅

  • balancing her social life ✅

  • building a positive relationship with food ✅

If you want results like Keelie, fill out in enquiry form on our home page

and we will be in touch

Speak soon


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