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"I am dieting, but not losing body fat"

You want to lose body fat?

But struggle to stick to the targets you have set for yourself?

We get it...

Some days you are super motivated..

And other days you feel restricted, hungry, tired and not convinced that it’s worth it?

The problem is..

You need to SEE results to stay motivated

Otherwise you won’t be inspired to keep trying..

Here are our 4 best tips to stay consistent with your fat loss goals:

1️⃣Include your favourite foods every day in moderation

- Follow an 80/20 split

(80% whole foods, fruit, veg, nutrient dense foods 🍌🥦🍎🥙.. 20% of the foods you enjoy the most to satisfy cravings 🍫🍬🧁)

2️⃣ Eat frequently throughout the day to avoid excessive hunger

- Long periods of time without food increases hunger levels which will make it harder to control cravings. By eating regularly and eating satisfying meals, you are less likely to over consume and make healthier food choices.

3️⃣ Plan your week ahead to include meals out/ social events regularly

- Normalise meals out and socialising.. after all, it is a big part of our lives and not something you will need to cut out long term.

- Changes to your food choices to suit your fat loss goals are short term.. you don’t need to order a salad forever. But whilst your priority is to lose body fat, smarter food choices make the results more consistent 👌🏼

4️⃣View your targets as a weekly budget (not just daily)

- Your week is just as important as your day-to-day.

- Just like managing our money, it makes sense to budget for the week and month, to allow for the odd higher spending day.

- Your 80/20 split applies across the week, which then allows for higher calorie days if they slip in here and there.

If you have tried to lose body fat on your own, and are not seeing progress, please book a free consultation call to discuss how we can help.

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