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Our Last EMA Training Day of the year!

On Sunday we celebrated our client's finishing the year feeling fit, as well as looking fit. We hosted our last team training day event of the year.

2 hours of strength, pairs and team workouts

We host training days every quarter, so our clients have the opportunity to meet likeminded people, as well as get together for a fun afternoon of fitness.

Our clients are all different abilities, but all share the same interest..

Looking after their health and fitness

Our training days are fully inclusive events, suitable for all abilities and experience.

A client, who is new to the program with training experience of approx 6 months said..

"I am so glad I came, I had such a fun day and everyone was so friendly. I have never done anything like this before"

As well as helping our clients achieve their dream body, we highly prioritise their strength and fitness, so it benefits their overall health and well being.

Interested in our next training day?

Training days are freer to attend for all EMA members. Drop us a message with the word TRAINING DAY to see how you can fit into the EMA community.

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