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TURF GAMES Summer Festival 2024

We took on Turf Games Summer Festival and the team SMASHED it!


It was a jam-packed busy day out in the sun, but everyone gave it their all for every competition.


Team everymove academy


Here’s how it went down:

  • 1x Intermediate Team

  • 2x  Everyday Teams

That’s 18 EMA legends competing on the turf.


Team EMA at Turf Games Summer 2024

For some, it was their first competition and for others, it was their first time in the higher category.


  • 15 minutes events going all out

  • 5x events for every team


We’re extremely proud of every single one of them pushing out of their comfort zones.


Team EMA at Turf Games Summer 2024

It’s always the most rewarding, exciting and stressful days as a coach all rolled into one…


Team EMA at Turf Games Summer 2024


And a firm reminder of why we do what we do with such a powerful community.


It’s all about living #fitforpurpose.


This is what we believe at EMA; become the absolute best version of yourself by building a body that looks fit, feels fit and is fit!


Onto the next one… we don’t stop now!


Speak soon,


Alex and Sarah

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