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One of our lovely Diet and Lifestyle clients, Shauna is now offically wedding ready

Shauna joined the program at the start of the year, looking for accountability towards her fat loss goals because she wanted to feel her best for her wedding day.

She had already received coaching in the past, but felt she was too restricted and the program was not realistic for her lifestyle.

She enjoy’s a drink on the weekend, nice meal out and being social

So she wasn’t willing to give these things up to see change

She understood that change needed to happen to achieve results, but she wanted to learn how to manage her fat loss journey sensibly, still enjoying her favourite things

She lost 6kg of body fat

8cm from her waist

and 5cm from her hips

Enabling her to feel amazing in her wedding dress.

Why did Shauna chose Diet and Lifestyle coaching?⬇️

  • She already trained 3-5 times per week and played Gaelic football (she had a well established exercise routine)

  • She struggled with accountability

  • She knew she would regret not making the most of the year when he wedding was getting closer and closer

  • She realised she needed the extra push to see change

She is now days away from walking down the aisle with the confidence she has always wanted! 🤍

If you want results like Shauna, email us the word OCTOBER for more info on our next intake

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