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Another successful client meet up.

On Saturday, we all meet up at Hybrid Performance gym in Bolton for a fun afternoon of fitness.

Our members had a the chance to test their strength and fitness in a mixture of individual, pairs and teams workouts.

Lots of new deadlift and hang clean PB's to be celebrated from the strength section, and for many, it was their first opportunity running on a curve treadmill in our final team workout.

We host team training days once every quarter to celebrate our clients feeling fit, as well as looking fit. As coaches, we always encourage our clients to have other goals besides just wanting to lose body fat. Whether that is to lift heavier, learn a new skill, run a faster time.. performance and a positive mindset should always be the top priority.

It is also a great opportunity for our clients to meet likeminded people and make friends for life.

Some of our members (who have met in the EMA) now meet up outside of our socials for competitions, park runs and events!

Fitness is better with friends.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next EMA client meet up

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