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Getting fit for his wedding

We want to introduce to our legendary client, Nick Smith who got married over the weekend - congratulations to Mr & Mrs Smith

Body fat down, confidence and strength up!

ONE thing we loved about Nick was, from the outset, it wasn't just about the wedding.

Sure that was a big motivating factor but he wanted to adopt a new healthy lifestyle that he could enjoy on a long term basis.

This wasn't a "5 minute, get lean for a wedding" type mindset.

This was a "how can I completely change my health and fitness forever".

Before Nick joined the EMA, he was someone who could never hold down his progress.

He would follow a diet for a month or two and then slowly go back to old habits.

That is frustrating right?

But something we see all the time.

And it is down to the level of 'removing' that happens.

Stopping going out.

Stopping takeaways.

Stopping a drink on a Saturday night.

This only lasts so long...

It's a ticking time bomb.

What you need is a balanced lifestyle that still enable you to get lean, have the abs popping, run your fastest, smash workouts and PB all your lifts but still enjoy the good things in life like beers, burgers, eating out and city breaks with your partner.

WITHOUT feeling guilty or like you’re setting yourself back in the pursuit of your goals.

We have something exciting coming soon that you’re not going to want to miss out on…

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