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Our Latest EMA Graduate

Our goal for all of our clients, is to give them the confidence to manage their own nutrition and training long term independently.

Zoe is our latest EMA Graduate.

She joined the EMA wanting to lose body fat, without a restrictive calorie diet and wanted to sustain it long term.

She has just completed her full transformation

An efficient fat loss phase

A succesful reverse diet

And is now confident to eat intuitively maintaining her progress

"Working with Sarah for the last 14 months has been an amazing experience. It’s like having my own cheerleader with me week in week out, sharing knowledge and providing continuous support.

She’s helped me to change my negative relationship with food to one where I enjoy meals and social occasions. To not having a fear of certain food groups and that we need to fuel our bodies to see growth and progression.

The community that Sarah and Alex have created at EMA is fantastic from monthly challenges to team days, all whilst supporting and encouraging one another.

I know I have the tools to continue with my journey, thanks to Sarah, and highly recommend EMA to anyone who wants to make a positive change in their health and fitness journey".

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