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Reinventing Fitness: My Empowering Journey with the EMA

Written by one of our 1-1 clients Jonathon.

When COVID-19 forced gym doors to shut across the nation, I found myself at a crossroads. Like many others, my fitness routine was disrupted and my motivation began to wane. I yearned for a solution that could restore my physical prowess and rejuvenate my waning passion for fitness. And that's when I discovered the EMA.

I was initially drawn to the EMA for its remote accessibility and flexible structure. The fact that I could access numerous sessions at the same price made it an irresistible value proposition. However, what truly sealed the deal was their local presence in Manchester, fostering a sense of community and connection that went beyond a typical fitness program.

My journey with the EMA has been a testament to my strength - both physical and mental. With expert guidance and the freedom to enjoy every workout, I have grown stronger than I ever believed possible. While I am still working towards my goals (one of which is completing unassisted pull-ups), my significant improvement in techniques for squats and bench presses stands as a proud achievement.

One of the most rewarding aspects of the EMA is its flexibility. Balancing a demanding professional life with a fitness regime isn't easy. However, the EMA’s digital nature allows me to adapt workouts to my schedule without compromise, ensuring I never miss a chance to move closer to my goals. Weekly check-ins add another layer of depth, focusing not only on technique but also on other vital aspects like mood and diet.

The beauty of the EMA lies in the fact that it's a journey without an end. My big goal isn't to 'complete' the EMA but to embrace a lifestyle where fitness is central and continuous. I aspire to continue growing stronger, healthier, and happier with the EMA as my unwavering support system.

The EMA isn't just a fitness program; it's a community, a commitment, and a catalyst for change. But what makes it truly special are the people leading it. Alex and Sarah (and Bruno of course 🐶) are not just trainers, they're guiding lights on my fitness journey, their dedication to our progress and their infectious energy make every step of the journey enjoyable and fulfilling.

My experience with the EMA has reminded me that fitness isn't about the destination but the journey, and I wouldn't choose any other path. Here's to many more strides towards a fitter, stronger future!

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