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The FULL Transformation

How to lose body fat, and keep it off long term.

Spending your life in a calorie deficit IS NOT the goal.

Achieving your dream body and living a sociable and sustainable life is.

Our 1-1 client Yasmin has done the full transformation

She joined the program wanting to lose weight, but also realised the importance of a lifestyle and mindset change

She didn't want to spend time and effort losing body fat.. to gain it all back when she finished the program

Sustainability was always the goal

She has lost a total of 26kg in body fat

And since finishing her fat loss phase in February this year, she has maintained her progress and is now focusing on intuitive eating and quality of training

Yasmin was never in it for a ‘quick fix’

She wanted (and achieved) the full transformation that is sustainable forever.

She now feels confident in jeans ☑️

Has bought a new summer wardrobe ☑️

And for the first time EVER she feels confident in the gym in a sports bra!


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